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Dungeness Crab: The Perfect Delicacy for Your Next Party

Bring out the lemon wedges and the Old Bay seasoning—crab season is here!

Are you inviting family or friends over for dinner? Make use of the season and hit the grocery store, because the Dungeness crab might be the best delicacy to feature in your next Crustacean feast! This article will tell you why.

What Do They Taste Like?

The delicate body flesh and slightly tougher leg meat of Dungeness crab have a sweet, mild, and somewhat nutty flavor. Because the fishing season runs from December to August, you can enjoy the exquisite live Dungeness crab longer than you can the Alaskan King crab.

Dungeness crab is deserving of being served alone, just boiled, steamed, or fried. You can order one from a restaurant, served on a silver platter with the cracking done for you.

Pulling the crab open and eating a portion of the fat and tomalley while cleaning it is part of the ritual for a native. Picking the meat from a crab with a single-minded focus could feel like a pleasurable, fleeting, wholesale addiction. People get together because of the feast. Anyone who gives up a delicious piece of crab meat for a friend deserves a special place in their heart for the rest of their lives.

How Are They Caught?

These crabs are caught in a way that is environmentally friendly and does not hurt other species. Commercial fishers catch Dungeness crabs in circular pots baited with herring, squid, or clams.

Individual fishers can also harvest crab. Crab pots identical to those used in the commercial fishery, ring nets, diving gear, dip nets, and hooked or hookless handlines can all be utilized to harvest crab for personal use. Dead-low tides can strand Dungeness crabs, which a vigilant beachgoer can pick up.

How Is Dungeness Crab Served?

You can prepare Dungeness crab in a variety of ways. Have full crab legs flown in, offer fresh Dungeness crab meat, or even order whole crabs to impress your guests. Here are some ideas to attempt if you’re having a dinner party:


Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice over the crab legs, or prepare a delicious mustard sauce with half Dijon mustard (any sort would do depending on your preference) and half mayonnaise. This sauce is simple, delicious, and makes a lovely appetizer when served over Dungeness crab legs. It will be a gastronomic adventure for friends and guests alike, as most people have never had this type of crab.

Main Course

The Dungeness crab is worth ordering if you are searching for a quick, no-fuss, and informal supper during the winter, especially around the holidays. It arrives fully cooked and ready to eat. All your guests will need are crab crackers or, if you’re in a hurry, a hammer to gently crack the legs, and dinner will be ready.

Amaze Your Guest with Some Fresh Dungeness Crab!

Dungeness crab is a culinary gem named for a bit of town and a shallow inlet inside the Dungeness Spit on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Unlike Alaskan King crabs, which are significantly larger and have little flavor, Dungeness crabs are sweet and flavorful. However, most people have never experienced this delicacy. Be the first one to give your family and friends that experience!

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