A long history…

Opened since 1999 and located in the heart of Chinatown at the Hong Kong City Mall, Ocean Palace is a two-story restaurant with 38,000 sqft serving chinese seafood and dim sum. Recently renovated and modernized in late 2018, Ocean Palace’s main dining floor holds over 65 tables while the second floor is used for banquets, weddings, and parties with a capacity for 500 guests.

Ocean Palace serves dim sum all day from 10am – 10pm and has the largest variety of dim sum in Houston. On the weekends, traditional rolling carts of dim sum are paraded through the dining room with steamed and fried containers of different dumplings, chicken feet, tofu, tripe, sticky rice, ribs, noodles, egg rolls, taro puffs, baos, congee, clams, and more.

Ocean Palace is also known for a large selection of live seafood sourced from all over the USA in our open live seafood holding tanks. Some live seafood include king crab from Alaska, Pacific dungeness crab, spot prawns, Maine lobsters, razor clams, manila clams, surf clams, geoduck, scallops, and abalone. Live fish is also offered and include tilapia, hard head, cabezon, and grass cod.