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Delicious Dim Sums Guaranteed to Satisfy Your Appetite

Dim Sum is a Chinese delicacy, often served as an appetizer. Despite its small bite-sized servings, it is known for its signature taste and juicy texture. Even the word itself translates to “a little bit of heart,” signifying its place as a typical Chinese cuisine. It is typically served as small plates of food, often in the form of dumplings, placed in small steamer baskets. 


The dishes are well-known to provide a variety of flavourful sensations while also allowing you to distinguish each dish with its taste. Historically, it is believed that Dim Sum originated to serve dishes off carts in tea houses and only later became a restaurant-based dish. It is a world-renowned delicacy and has been a staple in five-star restaurants worldwide, all for a good reason.


With that being said, here are some of the top classic dim sum dishes you should know about when visiting an authentic Chinese dim sum restaurant.


  • Xiao Long Bao


This classic dish of steamed pork dumplings is definitely in a league of its own. This Shanghai-born cuisine is delicious and generally of much higher quality when served in a dim sum restaurant than its typical food court counterparts. The dumplings are bite-sized and have the flavor of meat and soup bursting out of them.


  • Siu Mai


Siu Mai is another surefire favorite in Chinese restaurants. They are served in small steamer baskets, usually containing pork dumplings with shrimp or pork and mushroom stuffing. It is a delicious dish and a much healthier option, with a decreased amount of fats.


  • Har Gow


These are shrimp dumplings covered in thin skin. The delicate skin itself makes the dumpling soft and easy to eat. As with the other selections, it is also commonly found in dim sum restaurants and considered one of the healthier variants.


  • Bak Kut Teh


This is a meaty Chinese hot pot dish made with pork ribs simmered in a thick broth. It is a famous Cantonese cuisine and a local favorite, with many critics calling it a welcome surprise out of the usual menu.


  • Curry Fish Balls


This is a trendy dim sum dish and one that everyone must try. The ball is a mixture of fish paste, flour, and eggs. It is steamed, cut into slices, and served in a delicious curry broth. It is usually served with rice and is a healthy dim sum dish as well.


  • Char Siew


Having Char Siew on the menu is a sure sign of being an excellent dim sum restaurant. The dish is a beautiful piece of roast pork or marinated pork. It is easy to find and is one of the popular selections that you may order with your main courses.



The above are just some of the classic dim sum dishes that a lot of people may enjoy. If you are interested in trying them all out, feel free to visit your local Chinese restaurant and ask for their best selections. 


Just remember that there are a lot more of them that you may discover, so keep your eyes peeled, your nose up in the air, and your tastebuds ready as always. If you have a favorite that we missed on our list, please let us know!

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