3 cuisine defining features of chinese food

3 Cuisine-Defining Features Of Chinese Food

People worldwide love Chinese food. Whether it’s wonton soup, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, or egg rolls, just a mention of the goodness is enough to make your mouth water! The worldwide popularity of this cuisine only begs the question: What makes Chinese food stand out from all the other foods around the world? It is an important question to answer not only to figure out why exactly people love Chinese cuisine so much but so that you know what it takes to make authentic-tasting dishes of your own.

Here is three cuisine-defining features your Chinese dishes must have to be authentic:

1. Aromatic

The smell of a dish is vital to a wonderful eating experience. In fact, the primary way we taste our dish is through our sense of smell, with some part played by our tongue as well. For that reason, it is vital that the food you cook has to smell delicious.

To enhance the aroma of any Chinese dish you make, consider using aromatics and spices like cinnamon, ginger, garlic, and even chilis. Not only will they make the dish smell good, but it can also eliminate any unwelcome smell from certain food items like fish and mutton. Plus, they add flavor to the food, which is always welcome!

2. Colorful

No matter what Chinese food you order, it will always look colorful. That is because the Chinese knew that good food had to look good, making the aesthetic appearance of any dish a vital role in the entire eating experience. On that note, even if you cook up the most amazing-tasting dish in the world, a messy-looking plate just won’t be as delicious.

To make sure your dish looks vibrant and colorful, try adding different ingredients that vary in color for visual appeal. Not only will this enhance the appearance of your dish, but it’ll upgrade the flavor!

3. Tasty

When it comes to taste, Chinese cuisine incorporates sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter elements. Many ingredients help to achieve this. For instance, vinegar can add to the dish’s sourness, while soy sauce can be used to add a hint of sweetness and more saltiness.

That being said, the way you flavor your dish should always be the way you like it. After all, even people around China have their preferences. For instance, those in Sichuan love spices and are known for their aromatic and spicy dishes. People from Jiangsu will prefer more salty types of food, while others in Guanxi love sour flavors.

To make the best out of all the worlds, we highly recommend that you cook up multiple dishes to feature all of these flavors. The diversity will not only add to the excitement of your taste buds, but you will be happy to know there is plenty to eat.


Without these three elements in your Chinese dish, you are not only missing out on amazing foods, but you are not making authentic Chinese dishes. That being said, not many people have the time nor patience to make tasty Chinese cuisine. For that reason, there is no harm in driving out to a Chinese restaurant and enjoy all the flavors they have to offer to send your taste buds straight to paradise.

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