Here’s How to Have a Great Dim Sum Party

Here’s How to Have a Great Dim Sum Party

Dedicating your afternoon or evening to a dim sum party is one of the best ways to enjoy a great meal. It can fit a large party of friends or several family members for any occasion, whether it’s a big celebration, a special lunch, or just a regular weekend dinner. 

Hosting your very own dim sum party can seem intimidating, especially if you’re responsible for choosing menu items that everybody can enjoy. While you don’t have to make everything from scratch, preparing your dim sum spread can be successful with the best Chinese food delivery in Houston. 

Here’s how to throw a successful dim sum party for your friends and family:

  • Plan Your Menu Well

This may seem like the most challenging part of throwing your dim sum party, but this is actually the easiest step. Unlike larger dishes, dim sum servings are small and usually served spread out so everybody can grab what they like. There is so much variety when it comes to dim sum that your party guests are bound to find something they like, whether it’s veggie-friendly, meat-based, seafood, or sweet dessert. 

Call restaurants with the best Chinese food in Houston and ask for the most popular dim sum that they have. Varieties of dumplings like shumai and xiao long bao (fried, steamed, or boiled), char siu (barbecued pork), steamed radish, turnip cakes, and bao buns are just some of the few dim sum that most people like. Adding a few wildcards like chicken feet will be sure to keep the mix interesting at your dim sum party!

For a staple, try adding congee or rice porridge to the mix. This can have an assortment of dim sum toppings like wontons or egg, and you can make it sweet or savory depending on when it’s served. Desserts can include fried sesame balls with a sweet filling, egg or custard tarts, and sweet tofu with ginger syrup. 

If you want to make homemade dim sum to complement your take out order for the party, then try a hand at spring rolls and shumai. You can prepare the filling for the rolls with a mixture of chopped vegetables and shrimp and then pan fry them until golden brown. Meanwhile, shumai is merely ground pork wrapped in wonton paper and then steamed!

  • Pair It With Your Condiments

No dim sum party would be complete without the right condiments, which can enhance the flavor of your various dim sum. For most, a light soy sauce is a perfect dip to add a bit of saltiness to the meat and wonton wrappers typically used in dim sum. 

The best dumplings in Houston, like xiao long bao and jiaozi, are served with black vinegar—which is usually served with thin strips of ginger to balance out the tanginess. Chili sauce or oil is a must-have, especially if you have party guests who are fond of spicy flavors. Plum sauce is your go-to for fried options like deep-fried wontons and spring rolls. 

There are many more condiments used for a dim sum spread, so choose the ones that go best with the dim sum that you are preparing. If you’ve ordered from a Chinese restaurant, then they can make sure that the right sauces are included with your order.

  • Make It a Tea and Dimsum Party 

Tea is a natural pairing for your dim sum because the food will fill you up pretty quickly. Ingesting a light beverage will make the meal more enjoyable. It is also known to aid digestion, which keeps you from feeling overly bloated when you’ve had more than your fill of dim sum.

  • Serve Dim Sum Family Style

The beauty of dim sum is that there’s no right or wrong way to serve it. The more dim sum you have on the table, the more fun it’s going to be—just observe the tables full of dim sum baskets in Chinese restaurants. The variety is what makes it such a versatile kind of dish and perfect for your dim sum party. Everybody can get what they feel like eating, whenever they feel like eating it, as conversations continue around the table. You could even sneak a dessert bite, and nobody would bat an eye as you go back to a savory dim sum!


Nothing says unique, colorful, and delicious like a dim sum party. It’s a great way to celebrate or to have a big meal full of variety, just because! 

Preparing a dim sum party doesn’t have to be a pressure test if you have the best Chinese restaurant in Houston ready to call for a great selection of your favorites. By experimenting with new dim sum and having your friends or family over, you’ll have a great Chinese meal that you’ll want to repeat again when you’re ready for another serving!

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