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4 Varieties of Congee That Are Becoming Internet Stars

Rice porridge has played a significant role in Chinese culinary culture for generations as a classic comfort meal. Congee is traditionally known as a breakfast food or as a healing meal for the ill, young, and old. It is often the first meal given to infants due to its purported healing qualities and silky consistency. It is a rice meal that has been mashed down with water or broth in its most basic form. However, it also can break through cultural boundaries, serving as a doorway to new ways of thinking about how people eat, how to stretch a dollar, and finding something pleasant and cozy for breakfast.

Rice cooked with water is known as joke or congee in Asian nations and Chinese culture in particular. These days, it has gone from being the blandest meal you’ll ever adore to a rising sensation, with articles all over the internet applauding it. It is now made with healthy ingredients, trendy toppings, and heritage grains. Congee was a fundamental porridge that sustained people over several dynasties before it became a fashionable grain bowl.  

Traditional Varieties of Congee That Will Make You Not Skip Breakfast

As congee continues to gain recognition, its varieties will become more experimental in time. However, the most traditional types will always remain special and while promoting cultural appreciation.

  • Simplest Form Of Congee

Congee has always been a simple method to stretch a dollar by making food last when there isn’t much of it. In addition, most traditional dishes utilize a negligible quantity of rice in comparison to water. The rice-to-water or broth ratio may range from 1:5 to 1:8, implying that you can use very little to create a meal that will fill your belly.

  • Congee with Toppings

To make this meal, put 2/3 cup of rice into a slow cooker, then fill it the rest of the way with water and set it to simmer overnight. The following morning, top it with savory foods such as pickled vegetables, scrambled eggs, and leftovers from the night. On top, you can also sprinkle it with peanuts and fried crullers. 

Congee, according to many Chinese-American chefs, is all about the toppings. Variety in texture is key! Everything from cucumbers to wood ear mushrooms can be an excellent pairing. Some toppings, such as sliced fish or pig floss, are more commonly found in congee restaurants. A few fish cakes or pieces of fish may sometimes fall into your dish. However, you can experiment to find what combination of flavors you love.

  • Salted Pork and Preserved Egg Congee

This kind of congee is one of the most famous Chinese cuisines and can be found on most restaurant menus. This classic favorite may be found in dim sum restaurants and congee carts, particularly during the early hours. It contains preserved egg, commonly known as century egg, and minced pork. The century egg derives its name because it is fermented (typically for a few months) and darkens throughout the ageing process when it is steeped in ash, among other substances.

The century egg is well-known to generations of people who ate it as a snack and, of course, on top of their morning congee. Its yolk is somewhat harder than a plain boiled egg, and the “white,” which has become transparent brown-gray, tastes flavorful but not excessively salty. Its texture complements the salty, chewy ground pork in a smooth congee.

  • Millet Congee

Another variation uses millet and water to stretch rice farther since millet is less expensive than rice. Adding millet is popular these days, and it may be one of the reasons why congee is making its way into the public. It has sparked a renewed interest in heritage grains as well as a newfound appreciation for broth culture.

Final Thoughts

Those who grew up eating congee may appreciate how unique but universal congee is. Congee has always been a basic foundation, a jumping off point for creating something uniquely yours. It’s warm, inviting, and molded by families over the decades. This rice porridge finds beauty in sharing culinary experiences rooted in love, while its toppings celebrate diversity.

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