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Common Dim Sum Dishes to Order in a Chinese Restaurant

If you’re an avid fan of Asian cuisine, you most likely enjoy eating in Chinese seafood restaurants. For Westerners who aren’t familiar with their food, it can be challenging to know what to order, especially if the names of the dishes tend to be confusing.

 One of the best ways to enjoy Chinese food is to order dim sum, which translates to “to touch the heart.” While dim sum is often eaten in the morning, you can always enjoy it whenever you please, especially when you’re craving it at random times of the day.

 Dim sum involves a wide array of dumplings, pastries, and dishes, so for first-timers, it could seem intimidating to try and figure out the best choices to pick from the menu. Keep reading below to find out the best dim sum dishes to order that are sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

 Har Gow

 Har gow is commonly known as shrimp dumplings. It’s a staple in most dim sum restaurants, so you shouldn’t miss out on trying the famous dish. It comes in the form of semi-translucent shrimps covered in tapioca flour wrappers. 

 Despite their simple appearance, they are quite complicated to make and require patience and a careful set of hands. You can eat har gow on their own and still have a delightful time, or if you want more flavor, you can dip the shrimp dumpling in some chili oil for added spice. 

 Siu Mai

 Siu mai is popularly known as steamed dumplings. Another classic dim sum dish, it’s a combination of diced pork and shrimp, so it’s meatier and offers more taste than har gow. For customers who love their fair share of meat and don’t mind mixing it, you will not be disappointed with siu mai.

 Depending on the Chinese restaurant you’re in, some siu mai may consist of other ingredients that don’t just involve meat. It could have mushrooms, water chestnuts, and unique toppings like crab roe, which are all a must-try nonetheless.

 Char Siu Bao

 Char siu bao is better known as barbecue pork bun, a dim sum favorite for many Westerners and food enthusiasts. It’s easily a favorite dish for most people because of the many ways to prepare it.

 Depending on the menu of the Chinese restaurant, barbecue pork bun can be steamed or baked, often topped off with a sugary crust. The filling resembles the color red, displaying a mixture of sweet Cantonese-style barbecue pork that will leave you thrilled with each bite.

 Chicken Feet

 Chicken feet are a Chinese delicacy that is also named “phoenix talons.” While it might sound exotic for most people unfamiliar with Chinese food, you shouldn’t judge the dish by how it looks and let its taste do the talking for you.

 The dish goes through a meticulous process to ensure it brings out the flavor with each bite you take. First, the chicken feet are fried. Afterward, they’re steamed while covered with a sweet and mildly spicy sauce. The chicken feet’s soft and delicious skin and tendon are enough to provide you the flavor you need to satisfy your appetite.


 Chinese food is truly one of the best cuisines in Asia that people all over the world can agree with because of its range of choices. Whether you opt for har gow, siu mai, char siu bao, chicken feet, or one order of each dish, you can never go wrong. While it’s much better to dine in to experience Chinese cuisine in the best way possible, you can also consider ordering dim sum delivery if you want to enjoy it from the comforts of your home. 

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