Common Mistakes People Make When They’re Eating Dim Sum

One of the Asian foods that has become well-loved the world over is dim sum. It’s Chinese and it’s also known as dianxin, translating directly to “point of heart”. Many people even view it as comfort food. That said, there are a number of common mistakes that end up being made.

What are some of the most common mistakes when they’re eating dim sum?

  • Fear of Asking for a Fork

It’s not a requirement to use chopsticks when eating dim sum. In fact, there’s quite a number of Americans across the country who’ve never bothered to try. Many will avoid asking for a fork when it’s not available on the restaurant table, struggling with picking up food instead. There is absolutely no shame in asking for a fork instead, in order to enjoy dim sum in full.

  • Fear of Trying Something New

Understandably, there are certain things that don’t come across as appetizing globally. In Chinese culture, for example, chicken feet is considered a delicacy. It’s also spread out to other countries across Asia like Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam. There is nothing particularly dangerous about such meals, so there’s no harm in just trying it out.

  • Not Drinking Tea Beforehand

A lot of people don’t really think of tea as far as dim sum is concerned. Food is more of the route that people’s thoughts go to, such as dumplings, egg tarts, or steamed bread. However, dim sum shops are generally prone to offering tea because it cleans the palette. Usually, the offerings are oolong, jasmine, green, black, or chrysanthemum tea.

It should be noted that tea is traditionally poured for guests beforehand. Tapping the middle and index finger is typically the way to show gratitude to the host.

  • Not Eating at Places That Are a Hole-in-the-Wall or Seem Overly Simple

When you go out into Houston for dim sum, there’s no need for it to be extra pricey. Places that are quite upscale can be tempting, but their waiting times and lines are likely quite long. Do yourself a favor and go on a culinary adventure in your local Chinatown instead. There’s definitely a sharp contrast in terms of ambiance, but the freshness of the dim sum will definitely be unbeatable.

  • Solo Dining

There’s really nothing wrong with dining out by oneself. In fact, some people actually view it as therapy or whatnot. When people end up eating outside by themselves, it’s usually a need for alone time. However, when it comes to dim sum in Houston or elsewhere, eating alone means a very limited variety. When solo dining becomes the name of the game, then there are only a few or a couple of styles or kinds that will be served up.


Dim sum is well-loved all over the world for a number of reasons. That said, there are still common mistakes that occur when people try it out. Some of these include solo dining, not eating at places that are hole-in-the-wall or seem overly simple, and not drinking tea beforehand. 

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