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Dissecting the Unique and Delectable Taste of Lobster

When it comes to top-tier foods and unique dishes that everyone should try once in their life, each person can weigh in. There are few that many can agree as a must-try, with lobster being by the forefront of that. It’s often labeled as food for the rich and famous, but anyone should try it out at least once.

When done well, lobster can be quite otherworldly to eat and consume. It has a unique and different taste that shines through whether it’s grilled, steamed, or fried. Here’s what you need to know when getting such a delicacy:

How Lobster Compares to Other Seafood

Most people compare lobster’s texture and taste slightly to shrimps, monkfish, and crabs. Lobster can be pretty tender and chewy, but it can melt in your mouth a little better compared to the seafood examples it’s often associated with. While crab can be a bit too soft and shrimp a bit too harsh, lobster provides the best of both worlds. 

Lobster may differ from other dishes because the taste sticks out a lot more than other seafood when a marinade or seasoning is used. Having boiled lobster with butter can be the closest way of getting its sweet brine taste. This can be a case of preparation, but lobster is known to have a lot of protein that eventually affects its texture. 

How Lobster Is Prepared

As mentioned before, lobster meat can jump out over marinades and seasoning. However, they’re amplified by the different spices that are incorporated into its dish. Some of the best Lobster preparations are when they have black pepper butter, dry garlic, or salted egg yolk. If you want something simple, though, salt and pepper will do just fine. 

There are a number of ways lobster can be cooked. Most people do tend to boil and steam the lobsters. This can be optimal, considering that the different parts of a lobster need to be submerged altogether, but using oil in place of the water to saute and sizzle them works just as well.

We offer dishes wherein they’re fried in order to keep the flavor as is while putting in different seasoning types. The texture is also enhanced since it’s given a crisper exterior while remaining soft when chewed through.

How Lobster Is Eaten

Lobsters can be served whole as the meat is dispersed through different parts like other crustaceans. Some of the most desired parts of the lobster with lots of meat are the tail and the knuckles. There’s also meat hidden in the claws and legs of a lobster. 

Most cuisines help pair up lobster with other dishes to have a full meal. Some choose to have rice or beans, while others include it in greens like asparagus, spinach, green peas, and more. Lobster also tastes good with pasta and when it’s incorporated into the dish itself. 


If you have the opportunity, tasting lobster is a must. It can turn any normal day into a fun occasion, and being able to share such a food experience with your loved ones makes for a treasured memory.

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