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Our Bite on the Health Benefits of Chinese Rice Porridge

Known for its addicting dishes that pack the taste buds with explosive flavors, Chinese cuisine is coveted across the globe thanks to its gastronomic combination of sweet, savory, sour, and unprecedented umami qualities.

World-renowned staples like dim-sum, Yangzhou fried rice, sweet and sour pork fillet, Kung Pao chicken, and other recipes often rise on top of people’s must-eat bucket list when ordering Chinese take-out. However, one humble dish proves to be the ultimate comfort food in more ways than one: rice porridge.

It harmonizes ingredients like fresh ginger and fresh turmeric to give the sticky rice a health-boosting oomph. The chicken’s subtle nuances complete the dish, and every bite feels like giving your stomach a warm hug. Here’s how rice porridge can boost your well-being:

Benefit #1: Rice Porridge Increases Body Moisture

Rice porridge is easy to digest thanks to its simple ingredients, and while it doesn’t impress the palette, its magic typically happens inside the body. For one, it’s an excellent source of water since the rice to water ratio is often 1:8 to achieve the standard consistency you often see in restaurants.

The body easily absorbs the heavy starch and water mixture, but the best part is that it stays longer than any other dish, making it great for improving your digestive system.

Benefit #2: Rice Porridge is a Low Calorie yet Heavy Meal

Eating a full bowl of rice porridge can make anyone feel like slipping into a food coma. Still, if you dig deeper into its nutritional facts, the filling dish has a surprisingly low-calorie content. The more water you add to the dish, the lower the carbohydrates, allowing you to derive 30 calories for every 100 grams of rice porridge compared to the 100 calories you would get in plain rice.

Benefit #3: Rice Porridge is Stomach-Friendly

Whether you’re watching your weight or want to eat dishes that won’t trigger any flare-ups in your stomach, rice porridge is the perfect dish that can safely sate your cravings. For one, the dish can aid your digestion and ease any inflammation, allowing you to cure your intestinal pains and mitigate diarrhea.
It’s the go-to dish for anyone who feels sick, as doctors see it as a delectable recipe that aids a person’s recovery.

The Bottom Line: Indulging in the Deliciously Healthy Properties of Congee

With all its health-boosting properties, congee proves to be a simple dish that offers more value than the sum of its parts. It’s tasty proof that even the humbles recipes can provide more to the table than meets the eye, making Chinese rice porridge worthy of its long-standing popularity worldwide.

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