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Our Tasty Take on Dim Sum

When exploring culinary delights, nothing is as varied, colorful, and delicious as China’s staple, dim sum. Packed with different flavors in one mouth-watering, bite-sized morsel, dim sum is something many fans of Chinese cuisine can eat by the dozen and discover new varieties to try! 

But while most think dim sum can be interchangeable with dumplings, this snack-friendly dish takes on a whole new meaning in Chinese culture. 

Dim Sum directly means to “touch the heart,” making it a go-to dish to eat while drinking tea for brunch. It’s a match made in heaven that brings comfort to one’s lunch breaks in China’s electric streets, bringing energy to passers-by who need to refuel for the day. 

A Bite Out of Dim Sum’s Origins 

Dim Sum is a popular dish across China and the world, though its roots point back to the Guangdong region in southern China. Dim sum was served in tearooms in the heydays of the 19th century. This is why you’ll always find them as the perfect pairing even as it moved away from its origins to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong and finally beyond borders as Silk Road travelers took comfort in this popular dish. 

A Taste of Dim Sum Today 

Since Chinese dim sums are served in small portions, there was plenty of room for experimentation. That’s why you’ll often see a variety of dim sums today, from your standard steam buns, rice noodle rolls, and dumplings packed with either prawn, chicken, vegetables, pork, and even beef!
Dim Sum captures the lightness, fragrance, and umami-ness of Chinese cuisine, making dim sum a fun dish to order if you want to explore different flavors in every spectrum. Some varieties of dim sum you may not know include the following: 

  • Beef Balls – a steamed version of dim sum filled with minced beef and placed on bean curd skins.  
  • Char Siu (Roast Pork) – another steamed version of dim sum filled with sweet roast pork buns. 
  • Char Siu Bao – one of the more famous steamed dim sum with barbecued pork filling.  
  • Cheung Fun – whether steamed or pan-fried, Cheung Fun is the go-to choice for dim sums made with rice noodle sheets and shrimp, beef, or pork filling. 
  • Sui Mai – a perennial favorite, you’ll often recognize them as steamed dumplings that look like a basket with pork filling topped with shrimp and fish roe. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Different Styles of Dim Sum for Your Next Cravings 

Dim Sum is a delicious Chinese favorite that can sate different taste buds thanks to variety, so don’t hesitate to try out new styles once the next craving for Chinese food hits. 

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