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Taking a Bite Out of 3 Types of Chinese Dumplings You Should Know

Nothing beats indulging in delicious food you can eat on the go, especially when it comes to culinary innovations like dumplings. A single bite can introduce heavenly flavors to your taste buds, but the best part is that it doesn’t offer a one-dimensional kind of delicious as there are different fillings you can explore. 

It can combine the savory essence of pork with the light, sweet, and freshness of shrimp all wrapped in delicate skin, but you can take the umami to greater heights by going for a combination of minced beef, pork, chicken, and more. 

Beyond the filling, you can also play around with different cooking methods like fried, steamed, soup, or boiled, all of which can bring out unique yet equally flavorful results. If you’re craving to expand your knowledge on dumplings, the list below explores different ways to enjoy China’s favorite finger-food: 

  1. Xia Long Bao 

One of the fan-favorites hailing from Shangai, China, Xia Long Bao can take the senses to a toothsome roller coaster ride as it introduces a whole new level of comfort food. The thin wrapper holds juicy pork inside, while the gelatinous soup turns into liquid gold that can ease the soul once it goes under the steamer. 

People love to pair the heart-warming dish with a dash of vinegar and ginger to brighten up the experience, while the soup is poured out by poking a small hole in the wrapper. For the piece de resistance, follow it up with a whole bite of the dumpling!

  1. Jiao Zi 

Rising on top as one of the classics, this form of dumpling is iconic throughout the world. Whether it’s in the streets or in fancy restaurants, a Chinese meal won’t be complete without a hearty serving of Jiao Zi, which can come as steamed, boiled, or fried. 

The best part is that it can cater to different cravings, whether it’s the freshness of vegetables, the light, umami taste of seafood, or the deeper nuances of minced beef, pork, or chicken. It’s also a traditional dish often served as a celebratory feast during Lunar New Year, and the best way to enjoy the dish is to dab it in chili oil for a spicy kick. 

  1. Siu Mai

Another popular contender to elevate your taste buds, Siu Mai is a perennial favorite that plays around with the complementary flavors of pork and shrimp. Every dumpling is often topped with a garnish of orange roe, giving it a hint of saltiness that makes every bite incredibly addicting. 

The Bottom Line: Indulging in the Gastronomic Flavors of Different Types of Chinese Dumplings 

Dumplings are some of the best finger-foods in the world as it can satisfy your taste buds in various ways – be it to fill an empty stomach with a hearty bowl of dumpling soup, or help beat the afternoon slump with freshly-fried shark’s fin dumpling. There’s plenty of combinations and cooking styles to discover, and the list above is only the start!

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