top 4 chinese food dishes

Top 4 Traditional Chinese Food Dishes You Must Try

As much as you wish to deny it, the Chinese food you get from your favorite takeout spot is far from the real thing. Although they can be tasty, they are most likely heavily Westernized.

The good news for you is that authentic traditional Chinese cuisine has a wide array of dishes, and they vary from region to region. This means that you will never run out of foods to dig into! On the other hand, this can also seem overwhelming—with a plethora of choices, where should you begin?

To help you get started with experiencing the real goodness of Chinese food, be on the lookout for these dishes:

1. Fried Rice

Like in most Asian countries, rice is also a staple in Chinese cuisine. However, there’s something special with China’s fried rice—or Chao fan—that will surely keep you coming back for more.

This fried rice is extra special because it contains a wide variety of ingredients. Whether you’re craving for some chicken, pork, or shrimp, or want a balanced meal with some vegetables, you’ll find all the goodies in this dish. Chao fan is not only flavorful but also very wholesome. What seals the deal is that it is easy and quick to make at home!

2. Peking Duck

If you are interested in trying some duck, you’ll never go wrong with Peking duck. This Beijing dish is an interesting crispy roasted duck dish that is sliced into bite-sized pieces. Additionally, these pieces are rolled up in a wrapper with salad and hoisin sauce.

What gives it its rich flavors is the preparation: the meat is seasoned, dried for 24 hours, and then cooked in an open-air oven.

Because of the intricate steps required to cook this dish, this isn’t something you can easily whip up at home. The upside is that you can get this from Chinese restaurants in Houston, TX!

3. Kung Pao Chicken

This is considered as the most well-known Chinese chicken dish outside of China, and for a good reason. Originating from the Sichuan province, Kung Pao Chicken is a traditional spicy stir-fried chicken dish.

You may have tried this once or twice from your usual takeout spot. However, this is most likely the Westernized version. You can easily tell authentic Kung Pao Chicken from the rest; it is fragrant, spicy, and can even numb your mouth a little!

4. Bao

Sometimes also called baozi, this type of yeast-leavened filled bun has two types: dàbāo, which means big bun, and xiǎobāo, which means small bun.

Both are bread-like dumplings filled with various ingredients such as meat, veggies, and even bean paste. On top of that, they can be made in many different ways. Nevertheless, baos are usually steamed, and it is this process that gives them their soft and squishy consistency.

Bao is usually served with dipping sauces such as soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and chili paste.


Of course, there’s more to authentic traditional Chinese food than the four dishes mentioned above. Nevertheless, trying these four meals out can get you to a great start when it comes to exploring the cuisine of this interesting country. To make sure you’re getting the real deal and that your testing experience will become truly enjoyable, visit authentic Chinese restaurants near your area!

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